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The Thoracic Ring Approach

The Thoracic Ring Approach is a whole person approach to assess and treat the thoracic spine and ribcage (Lee LJ, 2015).

Auckland Musculoskeletal  Sports Physiot


It is widely recognised by healthcare clinicians that the thorax can be a silent but underlying cause for problems elsewhere in the body. The most common and researched belief is that a "stiff thorax" can generate increased loading through neighboring areas of the body. The most common problem areas that have been linked to "stiffness" or dysfunction of the thorax are; lower back, neck, shoulder, shoulder girdle and sacroiliac joints.

Dr. Linda-Joy Lee is a Canadian physiotherapist who has created, developed and researched the Thoracic Ring Approach with the underlying belief that our thorax is NOT a stiff, rigid structure but that it is dynamic and flexible structure that requires optimal neuromuscular control to function in harmony with the rest of the body.

Sarah has been taught by Dr. LJ Lee how to assess and treat the Thorax using the Thoracic Ring Approach. 

If you wish to know more about the Thoracic Ring Approach and whether it can benefit you please contact Sarah for more information.

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