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At Physio with Sarah I offer physiotherapy services designed to help people with persistent and/or reoccurring pain and injury to understand their symptoms, uncover the reasons behind their pain and injury, and design a holistic treatment plan for their successful recovery. 

  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation 

Ideal for clients with a complex medical history, persistent pain, recurrent injury or multiple injuries/problem areas. Also beneficial for clients with persistent niggling pains and discomfort that they would rather live without. Prior to the appointment any medical reports, investigations and scans will be reviewed. You will have 60-75 minutes in person with your physiotherapist to discuss your symptoms, physical limitations, medical history, other factors that may influence your symptoms. We will work through a detailed full body assessment, looking at posture, mobility, functional movements and specialized physiotherapy assessment of problem areas. We will collaboratively set  goals you want to achieve within your physiotherapy program and long term. We will discuss and identify the factors causing your symptoms and provide a diagnosis where possible. We will discuss what your rehab may look like and how we can realistically make your rehab work for you. If any additional medical/healthcare input is required (e.g. specialist, GP, nutritionist, massage or other therapies) a referral to a suitable health professional can be provided.

  • Comprehensive report

This is where your physiotherapist takes time to review all of the information gathered from your initial assessment (radiology reports, referral letters, your description of symptoms, your experience of past treatments, your medical history, physical assessment findings). There will be an "analysis" section in your report which will sum of the likely cause of your pain and identify current factors contributing to your pain/symptoms. Just after the "analysis" section you will find an individualised treatment plan designed to enable you to successfully reach your goals. Client goals can vary from "being able to get a full nights sleep without pain" to being able "to play a game of tennis". Once your report is complete a PDF copy of the report will be emailed to you and any other health/wellness professionals involved in your care. 

The comprehensive report is a powerful clinical reasoning tool and plays a huge role in helping your physiotherapist design a treatment program that is effective and individualised to each client. The report is also useful to refer back to during treatment to monitor your progress. The report is used if you are being referred to any additional health/wellness professionals during your program. Most importantly the report gives you, the client, knowledge about your body and a roadmap to your recovery. 

  • Follow-up physiotherapy appointment

It is in the follow-up sessions where we get straight to work on your treatment plan. Every treatment session is tailored to each individual client. Treatment sessions often include a mix of manual treatment, education and movement based therapy. Duration of follow-up sessions can vary to suit clients individual treatment plan.

  • Education on pain science, your anatomy and injury, optimal movement strategies, recovery timelines

  • Manual therapy including Mulligan mobilisations with movement, Thoracic Ring Approach, Connect Therapy

  • Massage therapy including trigger point release, deep tissue massage, myofascial release

  • Movement pattern retraining specific to your needs e.g. running, walking, rowing, squatting

  • Kinesiotape to provide tactile feedback to postural muscles

  • Pilates based exercise program for core strength and improved posture

  • Yoga based exercise program for improved mobility, stability and body awareness

  • Breathing retraining and home practices to reduce muscle tension, calm the nervous system.

  • Teach self muscle and myofascial release techniques

  • Graduated aerobic fitness programs (e.g. walking, running) 

  • Full body functional strength & conditioning program for gym OR home setting



(All prices are GST inclusive)

Private consultation fees

Comprehensive Initial Consultation - $150

Physiotherapy Report - $60

Follow up appointment 30mins - $90

Follow up appointment 45mins - $115

Follow up appointment 60mins - $130

ACC surcharges (per session)

Complex Initial Consultation - $90

Physiotherapy Report - $60 (there is no ACC funding available for reports at present)

Follow up appointment 30mins - $40

Follow up appointment 45mins - $65

Follow up appointment 60mins - $85


Physio with Sarah provides Physiotherapy services for ACC (accident compensation corporation). You do not need a referral from a GP. You can attend Physio with Sarah with an already registered ACC claim number OR you can register your ACC claim during your initial Physiotherapy Consultation.

ACC provides partial funding for appointments with Physio with Sarah. 

Physio with Sarah services are NOT available under the ACC Careways Pathway. 

Please note there is no ACC funding available for report writing.

Southern Cross Easy-Claim

We have also teamed up with Southern Cross Health Insurance and we are delighted to offer my clients Southern Cross Easy-Claim. If you are a Southern Cross Member both ACC Physiotherapy and Private Physiotherapy may be covered or partially covered depending on your plan.

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