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Client resources

The resources below include video recordings of some of the most common and effective breathing, mobility and exercise practices I use with clients in clinic. Please seek advice from your healthcare professional prior to commencing any new exercise based program to treat pain or other symptoms. 

For more free resources check out the Physio with Sarah Youtube channel, or visit to access a 7 day free trial of over 50 movement based practices created for people living with chronic pain. 

Breathing practices

Each of the practices below aim to achieve a diaphragmatic breathing pattern. I have provided a number of options as people tend to respond differently to breathing cues. Find the practice that feels best for you. Set a timer on your phone for 5-10mins. Perform your breathing practice 1-2 times daily.

Diaphragmatic breathing using an object for feedback
Diaphragmatic breathing using fingers for feedback
Diaphragmatic breathing using hands for feedback
Mobility practice/Calm overactive muscle groups

These mobility exercises are targeted at releasing tension from areas of the body that commonly become tight, stiff or overactive when we experience pain in our neck, midback, torso or lower back. To create a mobility practice select 3-4 of the exercises below. Perform each exercise for 10-15 breath cycles. Then repeat.

Floor angels
Dynamic Pec stretch
3 moves for sciatic nerve mobility
Supported overhead mobility
Floor angel with a twist
Pelvic and lower back mobility
Thoracic mobility for flexion/extension
Active overhead shoulder mobility
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